The Vyspen's class-species has long been debated among the Zoologists of this world.

The Vyspen have two known forms, the "Beckon" and the "Flit". In both, they have a fat, flame shaped head, and a body that fades in solidity as it gets further from the head, indicating the head as a source of power. In the Beckon stance, the Vyspen's head is leaned in a little, its arms- in material similar to the head- are out in front of it, the ends turned up, as if beckoning its observer. In the Flit stance, the Vyspen's body is spread out on a plane with the bottom of its head, and its arms are beneath its body; this stance is taken when the Vyspen moves, which is more often than it stands still. The Vyspen's movement is most often too fast for any of the sentient-species to keep up.

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